Jan 9, 2009


oohhhh lala! time flies so fast! just a month ago, i was whining about how my eighth month im writing about my 9th wheeeeew!

i was supposed to post this yesterday but i was so exhausted physically and emotionally that i didnt have much strength to do so.

yesterday was a milestone. one of my crazy friends just got married! and surprisingly, i was informed just 2 days before yesterday! AND we were told, or should i say REQUIRED to wear a dress that has the same color as her motif purple plum chuchu whatever!

well, everything turned out just fine..and my friend seems happy, though there were a few guysssss who were not so happy with the oh-so-sudden event :)

now, im contemplating if i should take the Masters in Information Systems at UP Open University hhmmm...that would mean lesser laag time hahaha LOLLLL such a hard decision!