Oct 17, 2008


as per everybody's request, im updating my blog hehe! **waves to everyone** haaay nakooowww nahiya daw ako bigla TT___TT but yah, i know blogs are meant to be read by anyone..

i bought three books from the newly opened bookstore in nccc mall, booksale. i thought it's just the name of the bookstore but i found out the books are actually on sale. i bought another two the day after. one is worth 45php and the other one is 15php. mura na, maganda pa kaya bili nah! :P

sky is falling is the second to the last novel of sydney sheldon (before are you afraid of the dark if not mistaken). sidney (yep, first name basis..mejo close kami eh hehe) is one of my favorite authors actually. i've read almost all of his novels. they say he's a wanton (adj. unrestrainedly excessive, playful, wild) writer..others say he's too pop.. but i like reading his books. (ONCE YOU POP, YOU CAN'T STOP! hahaha) once you start reading his book, you can't put it down, seriously.

intervew with the vampire by anne rice. this is my first anne rice book. i have not read any of her books yet. yonie and vivian and kuya richmond and a lot more love her books so it's worth a try. i want to read it so i can compare it with twilight, the latest addiction of some of my friends. it's a book that tells stories about vampires and falling in love and some other stuffs and soon to be a motion picture starring the one who portrayed cedric diggory in harry potter.

dear dumb diary is a very funny book and very light read. it's a diary of a student in middle school who writes her insecurities with the pretty and famous girl in their school. a stress-reliever book.

up next, im gonna take a picture of what's inside my bag..just like what ella did ^___^